15kV, 25kV & 35 kV Elbow Arrester(15/25/35-LEA)

Product Code: 15-LEA / 25-LEA / 35-LEA

The Chardon Elbow Arrester is designed to provide overvoltage system protection by combining a metal oxide varistor module within a rubber elbow. Meeting the IEEE 386 standard, the housing of the Chardon Elbow Arrester is molded with high-quality peroxide-cured insulating and semi-conducting rubber. This ensures its full interchangeability with competitors’ products that also align with the IEEE standard 386.

Chardon Elbow Arresters are used in pad-mounted transformer and entry cabinets, vaults, switching devices, and other insulations, ensuring shielded deadfront arrester protection. Installation of the Chardon Elbow Arrester at both ends of an open point on a loop system and at the end of a radial system plays helps safeguard equipment and prolonging cable life.

Available in voltage ranges from 15 kV to 35 kV, there is a Chardon Elbow Arrester tailored for various electrical requirements.

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