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Underground cables and connectors

Chardon Group

Minimize Downtime and Eliminate Failures

Modern power distribution networks are incredibly complex. The failure of overhead power cables can affect entire networks, resulting in costly downtime for utilities and consumers alike. Meanwhile, underground power distribution offers several advantages over overhead power lines. These include greater safety from fire hazards, longer cable life thanks to shielding from external factors, and aesthetic appeal for urban areas.

Experience Durability and High Performance

Our screened separable connectors are available in voltage ranges of up to 35 kV for IEEE applications, and up to 72 kV for IEC applications. Our connectors are manufactured in high-quality EPDM compounded in-house for fault-free performance. Our cold shrink joints and terminations are designed for durability and high performance, while offering greater ease of installation than heat-shrink technologies.
Whatever your underground needs are, Chardon is here to serve. Our R&D team composed of experienced engineers are ready to perform design changes or develop new products to suit the needs and requirements of your project. 

MV accessories for underground application:

IEEE/ANSI cable connectors with voltage up to 35 kV

IEC cable accessories with voltage up to 72 kV

Cold shrink straight joints up to 35 kV

Cold shrink terminations
up to 35 kV

Shear bolt lugs for cabling termination

Your one-stop shop

You want reliable, cost-effective, and high-performance solutions for your industry.
We've got you covered.

For over 25 years, we have provided more than manufactured cable accessories; we've been providing application and engineering assistance, as well as hands-on field training and continuous after-sales support together with our distributor partners around the globe.

We are eager to manufacture the right solution for your industry.