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Product Design &

Chardon Group

At Chardon, Quality starts with the product design

Our quality personnel are involved from the beginning. Discussions are held with customers to develop a product qualification test plan. State of the art computer aided design (CAD) software is used to check design parameters, and interfaces with mating parts.
We are especially proud of our expertise in compound development, and molding over materials such as metal, plastics, and fiberglass. The molding of high voltage electrical products requires the complete elimination of voids and 100% bonding of the polymeric material to the other material. Failure to achieve this will result in dielectric failures if not immediately, in the long term.

Once rubber and epoxy parts are molded, they are subject to rigorous quality inspections utilizing equipment such as x-ray, optical comparator, coordinate measuring machine, thermo cycling chamber, mechanical strength (tensile) tester, etc. Every batch of polymer compound is tested to insure quality consistency from batch to batch. 

Chardon Testing Facility

Electrical testing is done for product qualification, random testing, and – where required – 100% production testing according to international standards (ANSI/IEEE and IEC standards). Tests include, but are not limited to :


Overlapping capabilities in all production facilities gives our customers an added sense of security knowing that production can readily be shifted to an alternate facility in case of a catastrophic event at one facility. 

We invite our customers to conduct quality audits of any aspect of our process at any time. When you think of Chardon, think of quality.