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Chardon Grounding Elbow

Chardon Group

Power, control, and protection in a connected world

As new technologies are introduced in the digital sector and the EV industry, the demand for power supply and distribution is ever-increasing. The result is a burden for utilities, which are challenged to reduce equipment capital costs, operating and maintenance costs. A transformer failure or a fault in a termination can result in a costly service interruption, adding to the challenges utilities face with substation management. Our presence in all corners of the world gives us the know-how to deal with challenges.

A Reliable Partner in Power Distribution

Our mission is to ensure that our products are ready to solve the challenges that substations face, offering reliability and reducing the occurrence of faults. We offer a comprehensive range of products for substation applications, including ANSI/IEEE & IEC separable connectors, jumper links, and cold shrink terminations designed and manufactured with safety in mind.

We work closely with utilities and contractors around the world to equip substations with products that reduce maintenance costs and are designed to last.  

Cable Accessories & Reclosers

We offer a wide selection of ANSI/IEEE & IEC separable connectors, cold shrink terminations and other cable accessories that are easy to install, compact, and easily adapted to most cable types. Whether you are a contractor, installer, utility company or wholesaler, we are here to serve.

Your one-stop shop

You want reliable, cost-effective, and high-performance solutions for your industry.
We've got you covered.

For over 25 years, we have provided more than manufactured cable accessories; we've been providing application and engineering assistance, as well as hands-on field training and continuous after-sales support together with our distributor partners around the globe.

We are eager to manufacture the right solution for your industry.