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Overhead Systems

Chardon Group

Overhead Power

Millions of people and businesses throughout the world rely on the overhead power grid to supply electricity. Designed with quality and safety in mind, our overhead power grid solutions include ANSI/IEEE & IEC separable connectors, epoxy reclosers, and cable support safety devices.

The overhead power grid is essential for serving electricity to millions of people and businesses across the world. During storms, typhoons or hurricanes, heavy winds can knock down power lines, and this poses a danger to the power distribution system and people around these areas. Chardon’s cable support safety device is designed to prevent downed cables from hanging low or touching the ground in the event of line breakage.

Chardon overhead epoxy reclosers are easy to install and are available in voltage ranges of up to 38 kV, adapted for most utility systems worldwide. It features an external over-voltage protection function and a reinforced structure for extra safety. It is built with tough materials and a high-quality epoxy insulation which resists aging, cracking, and UV damage for outstanding weather durability in overhead applications.

Easy, fast and long-term reliability with superior environmental protection. The Chardon Cold Shrink termination is designed to last the entire life of the power cable, ensuring excellent insulation and outdoor performance. 

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