35 kV, 200A Loadbreak Elbow-Large Interface(35L-LE200)

Product Code: 35L-LE200

The Chardon Loadbreak Elbow is a fully shielded and insulated termination for connecting underground cable to transformers, switchgear, and other apparatus equipped with loadbreak bushings, junctions, or other loadbreak connectors. The bushing insert and loadbreak elbows are the primary components in all ANSI/IEEE loadbreak connections.

The Chardon Loadbreak Elbow meets all the requirements of IEEE Standard 386,the interface design meets interface 8 (Fig7 in IEEE Std 386-2016) and is fully interchangeable with competitor’s products and mating products that also meet IEEE Standard 386. Chardon Loadbreak Elbows are molded using high quality peroxide –cured insulating and semiconducting EPDM rubber. All insulating rubber is compounded in house, using Chardon developed proprietary formulations.

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