15 kV Loadbreak Feed-Thru Insert(15-LFTI)

Product Code: 15-LFTI

The Chardon Loadbreak Feed Thru Insert threads onto a standard 200A bushing well and provides dual loadbreak bushing interfaces. It can convert radial-feed transformers to feed-thru transformers and add in-line arrester protection if needed. The torque limit ratchet feature prevents the bushing well stud from breaking during installation. The ratchet feature allows users to rotate the feed thru insert for 360° to orient the feed-thru insert in the desired position.

The Chardon Loadbreak Feed Thru Insert meets all the requirements of IEEE Standard 386, and is fully interchangeable with competitor’s products and mating products that also meet IEEE Standard 386. When installed with mating components, the bushing insert provides a fully shielded and fully submersible connection for loadbreak applications.

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