Sidewall & Cover Mounted Fuse Holder(CHBON)

Product Code: CHBON (Sidewall Mounted)

Chardon Bayonet Fuse Holders are used to protect transformers, switchgear, and distribution systems. They are designed for use in oil filled (or approved equivalents) single phase and three phase padmount transformers, switchgear, and submersible transformers. The assemblies combine the ease of hotstick operation with the safety of deadfront construction.

When the inner fuse cartridge holder assembly is removed from a Chardon Bayonet Fuse Holder installed on a padmounted transformer (or other apparatus), the transformer is electrically disconnected. This also allows for convenient fuse element and cartridge inspection and replacement. When using appropriate safety procedures, the Chardon Bayonet Fuse Holder can be loadbreak operated for disconnecting the transformer from the energized line, making changes to dual voltage or tap charger switches, or working on the transformer’s secondary connections.
secondary connections.

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