IEC Indoor Cold Shrink Termination, up to 42 kV (CSTI)

Product Code: 15-CSTI, 24-CSTI, 36-CSTI, 42-CSTI

The Chardon Cold Shrinkable Termination (CSTI) is a high-performance solution for indoor medium voltage cable termination in various applications. It consists of a UV-resistant silicone rubber housing that contains a stress-controlling compound, which reduces the electrical stress at the cable end and ensures reliable operation in indoor environments. The housing is preassembled on a removable plastic tube and has superior electrical and mechanical properties.

The installation of the CSTI is simple and fast: the installer only needs to slide the CSTI over the cable end and pull out the plastic tube, causing the housing to contract onto the cable and create a tight seal. No special tools or heat sources are required for the installation, improving the safety and convenience compared to heat shrink terminations. The CSTI is designed to have a long service life, without needing any maintenance or replacement.It can withstand voltages up to 42 kV and complies with the GB/T 12706.4 and IEC 60502.4 standards.

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