25 kV Elbow Tap Plug & 25 kV Loadbreak Reducing Tap Plug(25-ETP600, 25-LRTP600)

Product Code: 25-ETP600

The Chardon Elbow Tap Plug (ETP) and Load Break Reducing Tap Plug (LRTP) are used to convert a standard 600A deadbreak interface to a standard 200A loadbreak interface. The ETP is ideal for applications where a 200A tap is desired for test or ground purposes. The ETP is also ideal for adding a 200A tap to an existing 600A T-Body connector. The 200A interface allows for live test, visible ground, addition of a 200A tap, or installation of an elbow arrester.

The LRTP is ideal for applications where the termination will be separated to achieve a visible break and ground. Having the T-body and LRTP connected, as one unit, makes it easier to install and remove from the mating bushing interface. The Chardon ETP and LRTP incorporate an all copper current path. This provides reliable and consistent performance under all conditions.

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