200A Integral Bushing Well, up to 35 kV (CH200BWC)

Product Code: CH200BWC

The Chardon 200A, 15 kV, 25 kV, 28 kV, and 35 kV Class Integral Bushing Well aligns with the IEEE Standard 386-1995 (separable insulated connector system) specifications. Specifically designed for the termination of primary winding leads at the face plate of oil-filled (or approved equivalents) single-phase and three-phase transformers and switchgear, it’s rated for 8.3/14.4 kV, 15.2/26.3 kV, 16.2/28.0 kV (Canadian applications), and 21.1/36.6 kV.

Setting it apart from the standard variant, the Integral Bushing Well incorporates an external mounting mechanism with its integrated clamp design, removing the need for separate mounting clamps. It fits seamlessly to a 2.56-inch (65mm) aperture on the apparatus tank wall, its compatibility extends to Chardon Bushing Inserts and any product adhering to the IEEE Standard 386. Its designed knurled copper stud, complemented by rolled threads, ensures optimal conductivity.

The Chardon Integral Bushing Well is molded with high-quality polymer material, which offers excellent temperature resilience, structural strength, prolonged durability, minimal moisture absorption, and maintains mechanical and electrical attributes even in humid, high-temperature environments. Additionally, the integrated mounting gasket guarantees a uniform, controlled sealing compression between the bushing well and the apparatus tank wall.

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