15 kV, 200A Loadbreak Portable Feed Thru (15-LPFT200)

Product Code: 15-LPFT200

The Chardon 200A, 15kV Class Loadbreak Portable Feed Thru is designed to be installed on a parking stand, attached to a transformer or other apparatus. Two bushing insert loadbreak interfaces can be mated with an elbow arrester, a loadbreak elbow, or an insulated cap. When mated with other products that meets IEEE Standard 386, the Portable Feed Thru provides a fully shielded, submersible connection for loadbreak operation.

The Chardon Portable Feed Thru meets all the requirements of IEEE Standard 386, and is fully interchangeable with competitor’s products and mating products that also meet IEEE Standard 386. The indicating ring design eliminates the guesswork of loadbreak installation, it provides feedback to determine if the elbow is properly installed.

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