IEEE/ANSI Indoor Cold Shrink Termination, up to 35 kV (CSTI)

Product Code: 15-CSTI, 25-CSTI, 35-CSTI

The Chardon Cold Shrinkable Termination (CSTI) is a high-performance solution for indoor medium voltage cable termination in various applications. It consists of a UV-resistant silicone rubber housing that contains a stress-controlling compound, which reduces the electrical stress at the cable end and ensures reliable operation in indoor environments. The housing is preassembled on a removable plastic tube and has superior electrical and mechanical properties.

The installation of the CSTI is simple and fast: the installer only needs to slide the CSTI over the cable end and pull out the plastic tube, causing the housing to contract onto the cable and create a tight seal. No tools or heat sources are required for the installation, which makes it safe and convenient. The termination can handle voltages up to 35 kV and meets the IEEE standard 48 requirements. The Chardon Cold Shrinkable Termination is designed to last as long as the cable itself, without requiring any maintenance or replacement

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