IEC Cold Shrinkable Straight Joint, up to 42 kV (CSCJ)

Product Code: 17-CSCJ, 24-CSCJ, 36-CSCJ, 42-CSCJ

The Chardon Cold Shrinkable Straight Joint offers easy installation and reliable performance when jointing medium voltage cables. Made from high-quality UV-resistant silicone rubber, the cold shrinkable joint provides a combination of durability and high performance in the field. The Chardon Cold Shrinkable Straight Joint includes a stress-controlling compound housing, preassembled on a plastic “holdout” tube. As the plastic holdout tube is removed, the stress relief housing shrinks onto the cable. The straight joints are designed to withstand voltages of up to 42 kV and are tested in accordance with the GB/T 12706.4 and IEC 60502.4 standards.

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