42 kV, 1250A Front & Rear T-Body(42-FDT1250 / 42-RDT1250)

Product Code: 42-FDT1250 / 42-RDT1250

Chardon Front T-Body / Coupling (Rear) T-Body Connectors are fully screened and fully submersible when mated with proper bushings or plugs. The products are used to terminate polymeric cable to dead front apparatus such as transformers, switchgear, and other equipment. They can be used for 36kV and 42 kV applications.

The Chardon T-body Connectors are suitable for indoor or outdoor applications, and are able to be used for all polymeric cable types (XLPE, ETP, etc.) with copper or aluminum conductors. The design is especially suited for the harsh off-shore or wind farm environment, where long runs and large cable sizes are needed.

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