35 kV, 200A Loadbreak Bushing Insert(35-LBI200)

Product Code: 35-LBI200

The Chardon Bushing Insert threads onto a standard 200A bushing well. The combination of the bushing well and bushing insert perform the same function as a one piece integral loadbreak bushing, while providing the flexibility to change the bushing insert in the field, without taking the transformer or other apparatus out of service. The bushing insert and loadbreak elbows are the primary components in all ANSI / IEEE loadbreak connections.

The Chardon Bushing Insert incorporates an all copper current path. This provides reliable and consistent performance under all conditions. The Chardon 35kV Bushing Insert meets all the requirements of IEEE Standard 386, the interface design meets interface 7B (Fig 9 in IEEE Std 386-2016) and is fully interchangeable with competitor’s products and mating products that also meet IEEE Standard 386. When installed with mating components, the bushing insert provides a fully shielded and fully submersible connection for loadbreak applications.

No special tools are required for installation. The bushing insert can be installed by hand or with the assistance of a torque tool. An internal hex broach allows for the installation by the torque tool.

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