Chardon group is proud to have a completed manufacturing/assembly facility and capable to produce 200A Loadbreak, 600A deadbreak cable accessories, IEC cable accessories, transformer components and expoxy products in house. 

At Chardon we compound our own EPDM polymeric material. This insures consistent quality, and a reliable source of material for our presses. We can mold products in EPDM, Silicone, or EPDM-Silicone hybrid material.


Polymer molding is done on identical 700 ton computer controlled screw ram injection presses. Presently we have a total of 26 presses. In addition, we have capacity to add additional presses if necessary.We have concentrated our epoxy molding production for Chardon recloser product. We have the capability to mold thermoplastics in Chardon also.


Our production line is set up to do assembly and kitting operations. We also have a dedicated team set up to do recloser/switchgear assembly and controller assembly/testing.

One unique aspect of Chardon’s cable accessory manufacturing is that we have overlapping capabilities in all production line. This gives our customers an added sense of security knowing that production can readily be shifted to an alternate facility in case of a ​catastrophic event at one facility.